“World AIDS Day”

Department of Community Medicine is observing the “World AIDS Day” ………

Date : 11th December, 2017

Day : Monday

Time : 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Venue : Kadamba Auditorium ( College Auditorium)


World Aids Day was observed with great fervor by the Dept of Community Medicine on 11th December 2017. Events of the day began with an invocation song by Dr.Aishwarya – PG, Dept of Community Medicine. Dr.B.Sathyamurthy – Dean, RRMCH addressed the audience with special emphasis on the HIV prevention and role of youth and budding doctors. Dr.Shashikala Manjunatha gave a presentation on functions, recent updates of ICTC. The presentation was followed by a skit by 6th term students on modes of transmission of HIV and avoiding stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV/Aids and screening of short movies on awareness of HIV/AIDS. Painting/sketching, collage and short movie competitions were conducted for students and faculty to commemorate the occasion. Prizes were distributed for winners of these competitions. Dr.Asha, Programme officer from DAPCU presided over the event. The programme concluded with vote of thanks by Dr.Santhosh Achappa


Department of TB & CD and Department of Community Medicine, Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital collaborating with the District Administration, Jilla Panchayithi Health, Family Welfare Office and District TB Control Centre, Bangalore are conducting the movement of “Active TB infected detection program” from 4th December 2017 to 18th December 2017.


Simulator Aided Inter Disciplinary Workshop

The department of Anesthesia is conducting a workshop ………….

Date : 7th Dec 2017 and 8th Dec 2017

Time : 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Venue : College first floor lecture hall & Kadamba Auditorium (College auditorium)

Topic : Simulator Aided Inter Disciplinary Workshop.

Speaker : Dr B. G. Prasad Achar & Ms Sunanda Achar, Melbourne, Australia

Simulation based teaching workshop by the department of Anaesthesia and critical care was conducted on 7Th and 8th of Dec 2017.The whole programme had audio-video facilities.The whole process was beamed to the another class room in the Ist floor of the college building.

After the invocation, Dr, Sahajananda welcomed the gathering and the Guest faculty from Perth and Melbourne, Australia.
The guest faculty addressed the gathering and gave introductory lecture.

There were two case scenarios on 7th.

1.A pregnant patient with RTA having sustained chest and pelvic injuries. 16 participants were split into two groups and ask to conduct the management of the case.
2.Pregnant patient with severe PIH

After the procedure the defbreefing was done by the faculty namely: Parasad B Achar and Sunanda Gargeswari,in the ist floor class room. Detailed discussions were also held.
On 8th Dec 2017:

Dr. Sahajanand welcomed the gathering and delegates.He also introduced the guest faculty Dr.Shashikanth Manikappa from Melbourne.

Delegates were split into two batches.There were two case scenarios:
Patient with sepsis and septic shock
Patient in the OT who developed Anaphylaxix.

After the procedure the defbreefing was done by the faculty namely: Dr. Shashikanth and Sahajananda H, in the Ist floor class room. Detailed discussions were also held.
The whole programme was well attended by the residents and faculty from Surgery, , Orthopedics, OB & Gynec.,Medicine and Pulmonary medicine.

What is Simulation?

Simulation is a technique to replace or amplify real-patient experiences with guided experiences. Various types of simulators are used to train and assess different levels of learners. These include mannequin simulators, human cadaver or animal models, computer-based simulation, haptic and/or virtual simulation, as well as simulation using standardized patients. Simulation has been an accepted part of training, assessment and research in high-reliability organizations, such as aviation, nuclear power, and military. Healthcare has adopted simulation from these fields for the purpose of training healthcare providers. Simulation-based learning has been used to shorten the gap that exists between the learning environment and the real clinical environment. Many skill trainers have been developed to actualize real clinical site especially for novice residents .

Utilization of simulatiors has many advantages for medical education]:

1) learning can be focused on the level of trainees with various levels of difficulties;
2) learners can either learn the whole procedure process or just focus on certain tasks of the procedure;
3) learners have the opportunity to repetitively practice in quick succession;
4) learners learn in a safe environment where they can be allowed to learn from their mistakes rather than be rescued by their supervisor to keep the patient safe;

5) simulators can provide objective evidence of performance, offering potential for their use for assessment, both formative and summative;
6) simulation can provide practice on certain procedures such as cricothyrotomy, which is a critical life-saving procedure that is uncommon and rarely performed by residents.

Simulation has a potential to promote a new paradigm compared to traditional education tools. Technical skills and non-technical skills can be taught to residents via a standardized and organized simulation program teams.

Saturday Clinical Update: Dept of Orthopedic

The weekly clinical update by the department of Orthopedic will be held in college Auditorium on 25h November 2017 at 9:30 AM. All Faculty members, PG’s and UG’s are requested to attend the same.


Speaker : Dr. Raghavendra.


Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital has organised a “FREE HEALTH CHECK-UP CAMP” by Medical Specialist Doctors.

Date : 30th July 2017

Day : Sunday

Time : 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Venue: Rotary Muttappa Attavar Memorial Hospital.

The services and consultations are given by General Medicine, Eye, Dental, Ortho, Gynaecology and Children’s Specialist.



The CPC for the month of August was held on 9th August 2017 at 2:30 PM at College Auditorium (Kadamba Hall). The following case will be discussed.

The case presentation is by the Department of General Surgery.


Topics :
1. A case of Enterocutaneous Fistula Operated. Presented by Dr. Nirmala .

2. Management of Series of “NSTI” our experience. Presented by Dr Raksha.

Saturday Clinical Update: Dept. of Community Medicine

The weekly clinical update by the department of Community Medicine will be held in college Auditorium on 19th August 2017 at 9:30 AM.

All Faculty members, PG’s and UG’s are requested to attend the same.

Topic : “Life Skills”.

Speaker : Dr.Hrushikesh Udupa .

Dr. Aishwarya. S.

Saturday Clinical Updates Dept. of General Medicine

The weekly clinical update by the department of General Medicine was held in college Auditorium on 16th September 2017 at 9:30 AM. All Faculty members, PG’s and UG’s are requested to attend the same.


Speaker : Dr. Mohan K Rao- Endocrinologist.


The Department of ENT, Head & Neck Surgery had organised a CME/Guest Lecture on

Date : 22.09.2017
Time : 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
Venue : Kadamba Hall (College Auditorium)
Speaker : Ishiki Foundation, Japan; Dr. Josheph Thomas, USA; Paul Caste-llanos, USA; David Lau Singapore, Shinya Hiroshiba.

The world Laryngology summit 2017 was structured under the aegis of Rajarajeshwari medical college and hospital, Haldipur ENT group, Rudrappa ENT hospital and NEAT, Bangalore.
The three day academic review was aimed at providing a diverse yet detailed demonstration of topics in laryngology.

On the first day, the RRMCH with the international and national delegates was proud to inaugurate the summit with the back drop of ceremonial drums.

On the dais we had our faculties from RRMCH, Dean Dr Sathyamurthy,, Medical superintendent Dr Govindaraju, our CEO ,Head of ENT-HNS and Elected President of All India Laryngology Association Dr .T.M.Nagaraj, Principal Dr Naveen, the LVA President Dr Sachin Gandhi ,AOI President Dr Deepak Haldipur

Dr.Maschino Tanabe, Dr.Tateya & Dr.Shinya Hiroshiba from the Ishiki voice foundation were few among the esteemed international faculty, who inaugurated our Stroboscope.

Demonstrations on fresh cadaveric human larynx, first of its kind in this region included topics like laryngeal frame work SX, reconstruction/laryngoplasty, video presentation on medialization thyroplasty, live demonstration on stroboscopy, demonstration of clinical cases for interpretation on disordered voice by Dr.Sachin Gandhi, Dr.Krishnamurthy, Dr.James Thomas & Dr.Ravikumar, to name a few.

Live demonstration of Botox injection by Dr.Dev Roy, Dr.Dinesh, Dr.David proved an intresting highlight.

Live demo of FEES by Dr.David & Dr.Niranjan Bhowmik, radiological assessment sessions by Dr.Vishal & Dr.Shivkumar gave a crystal clear insight.

Hands on dissection encompassesd topics such as thyroplasty, injection laryngoplasty, laryngo-tarcho-plasty, bronchoscopy.

The 1st day included an active interactive sessions with the esteemed faculty throughout the sessions, followed by the annual AOI meet.

DR.Deepak V Haldipur, national AOI president delivered an inspiring talk.

Also conspicuous was the inauguration of the “voice clinic” at the Rajarajeshwari hospital which will prove to b a promising endeavor in the near future.

The chairpersons and speakers were felicitated with souvenirs and certificates.

The DAY2 of the summit held at NIMHANS commenced with the instructional course on microlaryngeal surgery, lasers in larynx, treatment approaches in spasmodic dysphonia, thyro arytenoid myomectomy by CO2 laser, etc.

The video presentations highlighted important procedure, Oswald & Apte orations symposia on unilateral vocal fold paralysis, recent advances, panel discussions were an educational treat.
Also we had paper presentations, group meetings and general body meetings.

DAY 3 at NIMHANS included topics on swallowing, LVA oration, neuro-laryngology, micro laryngeal surgery, laryngo tracheal stenosis, to name a few.

The day 3 conference allowed meticulous discussions, learning and sharing of experiences and recently advances, followed by an end session of cultural programmes and prize distribution.

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