World Breastfeeding week: 2017 – Report

World Breast feeding Week was observed with great fervor in Rajarajeswari Medical College & Hospital. The event was conducted by the Dept of Community Medicine at RHTC Chunchunkuppe, on 2nd August 2017 & at UHTC Channasandra on 10th August 2017

The Program began with welcome address by Dr Shashikala Manjunatha. Dr Aishwarya. S PG, Dept of Community Medicine.
Students of 6th term MBBS performed a skit on importance, misconceptions and awareness program regarding expressed milk for working mother.

Dr Sharvya , Dr Monica & Dr Anuradha , PGs , Dept of Community Medicine gave talk on benefits and technique of breast feeding .The session was comprehensive and interactive drawing considerable questions and clarifications from the audience

This was followed by specialist consultation of the kids by Dr.Sahana & Dr.Yashitha of Dept of Pediatrics, RRMCH

Tea/coffee, snacks was provided & fruit bowl was distributed to mothers.

Faculty, Post graduates, juniors and seniors residents from both departments actively participated in the program

Saturday Clinical Update : Dept. of Pediatrics

The weekly clinical update by the department of Pediatrics will be held in college Auditorium on 4th November 2017 at 9:30 AM. All Faculty members, PG’s and UG’s are requested to attend the same.


Speaker : Dr. Vidhi.

Guide : Dr. Alok Kumar.

i-Heart Scan Workshop

The Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care has organised a Workshop on

Topic : i-Heart Scan Workshop
Date : 09.12.2017 & 10.12.2017
Time : 08:00 am to 05:00 pm
Venue : Board Room
Speakers : Dr. Shashikant, Melbourne University & Dr. B.G.R. Prasad (Adelaide)(Aus)

Click here to view Workshop Details

Success with Surgery!

We are very pleased to inform you all, that Dr. H. P. Prabhuswamy, MBBS, MS, M. CH, FICC, FIACS, Cardiac Surgery, Professor & HOD, Dept. of CTVS, RRMCH and team conducted a Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery.

The operation was done on a 8 years old girl for congenital heart disease ostium secundim ASD on 12th April 2017. Closure of ASD done under cardiopulmonary bypass through right axillary approach and minimally invasive cardiac surgery through 4th intercostal space – right vertical infra axillary thoracotmy small incision.

Advantages are as follows ….
→ Cosmetic advantage – Avoids sternotomy incision, which may end up with ugly scar and in some patients with keloid.

→ Best in females – Avoids inhibition of further growth of breast tissue.

→ Cost efficient – Faster recovery time compared to conventional median sternotomy incision, Cuts down ICU stay and also short stay in hospital.

→ commonly advisable to be operated in children below 1.5 years, because of easy accessibility.


Department of Chest Medicine, RRMCH is conducting the “WORLD TB DAY”

Date : 20th March 2017
Time : 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Venue : Kadamba Hall (College Auditorium)
Speaker : Dr. Sireesh Manohar Nagare


On occasion of “WORLD TB DAY” the department of Respiratory Medicine, RRMCH had organized a workshop with the topic “STANDARD TB CARE”.

Tuberculosis continues to be a major public health problem in our country. India accounts for ¼ of the global tuberculosis problem. Every year out of 9.6 million new cases globally, India contributes 2.2 million cases and every five minutes 2 patients are dying from complications of tuberculosis in our country. Recent HIV epidemic and Multi Drug Resistant (MDR) tuberculosis is a growing challenge for the health care authorities in India.

WHO (World Health Organisation) is observing 24th May as “World TB Day” every year. Government of India has decided the Slogan for this year as “End TB by 2035”.

Department of Respiratory Medicine, being a primary department of caring for the tuberculosis patients, conducted sensitization programme on “Standard TB” care in India – “Recent Guide lines” in collaboration with DTO Bangalore Urban and “AKSHAYA Foundation”. The speakers were Dr. Sirish Manohar Nagare, Medical Officer, Akshaya Foundation and Dr Shazia, WHO consultant, RNTCP – DOTS, Bangalroe – urban. Their speech was very advising and useful for the public. Around 50 staff members actively participated in the programme.

Seminar on USMLE and behavioral Science

Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital has Organised for a seminar on USMLE and behavioral Science.

Date: 16th February 2016

Time: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Venue: Kadamba Auditorium ( College Auditorium)


A guest lecture by KAPLAN MEDICAL U.S.A was organized by LOGIQUEST in collaboration with Rajarajeshwari Medical College & Hospital on 16/02/2017 at Kadamba Auditorium from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

Dr. Alice Akunyili, delivered a lecture on“Behavioral sciences”. Dr. Tenzin Jamyang, delivered a guest lecture on “Pathway to Medical Residency in the US”. These sessions gave an insight to around 300-350 students present in the auditorium for their future and the process of USMLE exams.

The programme was compered by Dr.Prakash.R, Associate Professor, Microbiology, & chaired by Dr. H.V.Shetty, Dean, RRMCH & Dr. Shashikala, Professor & Head of the department of Community Medicine, RRMCH.

GRASP – Guidance in Radiology for Aspiring Senior Post Graduates

As a part of the GRASP initiative, Dept of Radiology, RRMCH, sponsored by Bayer Zydus organized a training program for the Senior PG exam going students on March 18 , 2017 and March 19, 2017. A full day training session that lasted from morning 8:00 am to 6:00 pm in the evening, it saw an overwhelming participation from over 120 Post Graduates exam going students.   Students gathered in for the training program from across the adjoining states like Coimbatore, Madurai, Maharashtra and more.

The Vice Chancellor of Siddhartha University, Dr Balakrishna Shetty and Dr Anil Kumar Shukla, Prof., Dept of Radiology, RRMCH conducted the knowledge sharing sessions. The event coordinated by Dr. Pravin G. U., Prof and HOD, Dept of Radiology, proved to be an enriching experience for the participants in all. RRMCH extends its gratitude to the team and participants for the success of this event.

World Health Day Celebrations

The Department of Community Medicine is conducted the “World Health Day”.

Date: 19th April 2017

In the occasion of “World Health Day” organised by the Department of Community Medicine, RRMCH on 19th April 2017, a documentary video on “depression” was released.

This video was set by the 4th term students – Mr. Hitesh Shankar and Mr. Koushal Yadav, guided by the staff of Community Medicine department, RRMCH- Dr. Santosh Achappa, Asst Prof. and Dr. Srinivas.N. Asst Prof.


Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital, Department of Radiology in association with “IRIA Karnataka State Chapter” is organizing


For more info, goto “KARRADCON – 2017” website.

Dates :

10/March/2017 – Workshop

11/March/2017 & 12/March/2017 – Conference

Venue :

Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital

Kambipur, Mysore Raod,

Bangalore – 560 074.



The physician clinically examines a patient and come to a diagnosis. The surgeon palpates and arrives at a conclusion. But, the radiologist sees beyond what the eye can meet. He sees more than the eye can visualise by reaching out to a spectrum that can diagnose the most hidden of diseases with astounding accuracy.

Can Scientific advances save humanity?

This question was rightfully answered at the 33rd Annual State Conference of the IRIA Karnataka State Chapter- KARRADCON 2017, which encompassed fields of unparalleled scientific content and went on to become one of the most successful state conferences, the Rajarajeswari Group of Institutions has ever hosted.

Under the able guidance and efforts of the organising committee consisting of Dr.Umesh Krishnamurthy, Organising Chairman, Dr Pravin G.U, Organising secretary and many more motivating professors, the conference saw a plethora of events which raised the morale of scientific curiosity and systematic approaches.

The inauguration ceremony saw many accomplished personalities that contributed to the grandeur of KARRADCON 2017. Our Beloved Chairman, Shri A.C Shanmugam was the Chief Patron for the Inaugural Ceremony.


This Prestigious conference was preceded by the auspicious tradition of the lighting of the lamp. Here, we see Prof.Dr. B.M Hegde, Former Vice Chancellor, MAHE, lighting the lamp, who presided over the inauguration as its guest of honour.


Starting from left, Dr. H.V Shetty, Dean, RRMCH,Dr.SampangiRamaiah, President Elect, IRIA Karnataka, Dr.Mahesha B.M, Secretary general, IRIA Karnataka, Dr.Balakrishna Shetty, President, IRIA Karnataka, Dr. B.M Hegde, Former Vice Chancellor-MAHE, Dr.Bhupendra Ahuja, National President, IRIA, Shri A.C Shanmugam, Chairman, RRGI, Dr. Pravin G.U, Organising Secretary, KARRADCON 2017, Dr.Mohanan, National President elect IRIA, Shri C.N Seetharam, CEO, RRGI, Dr.Amarnath C, National Secretary General, IRIA, Dr.Umesh Krishnamurthy, Organising Chairman, KARRADCON 2017.

One of the highlights of the inauguration was that of the launch of the go green initiative with the motto that stands by- Living a greener lifestyle, conserving our resources and not polluting as these are all the things we can do to go green and help keep the environment clean.
Here, we see the Chief Guest and the Organising secretary adding meaning to this notion.


Many personalities were felicitated for their contributions towards the betterment of the field of radiology.

The event that captured the essence and efforts of the state level radiology conference was that of the release of the book about the biography of Roentgen, the great man who discovered X-rays. The vital contents of this book was collected and compiled by Dr. Pravin G.U Prof. and HOD of Radiologyat RRMCH and edited and translated to the Kannada language by Dr. Sneha Prabha Tanga.

Here, we see the dignitaries holding the book as it was revealed during its release.


A spell-binding keynote address about the evolution of Radiology that was informativelty enlightening was delivered by Dr. H.S Ballal, Former Vice-Chancellor, MAHE.


Prof. Dr.H.T Narayana, Professor and HOD, Siddhartha Medical College, was felicitated for his innumerable and valuable contributions towards the development of the Karnataka State Chapter of the IRIA.

Certain accomplished Rajyothsava awardees like Prof. Dr. H.S Ballal, Prof. Dr. S.R Hegde, Professor and former Head of Department of Radiology at JJMC, Prof. Dr. Saroja Professor of Radiology and Prof. Dr. H.T Narayan were felicitated on this occasion by our beloved chairman.

There were scientific sessions conducted across various venues that galvanised the theme of KARRADCON 2017- Musculoskeletal and Small Parts.





These talks paved way for a few prize winning scientist talks about what the future holds for the field of radiology. The speakers included eminent doctors across the state, working in esteemed institutions as well as acclaimed professors who delivered spell-binding talks that defined the momentum of this meticulously planned conference which propelled it to successful heights.

The ultimate success of this conference and the noble responsibility of carrying the legacy of RajaRajeswari Group of Institutions solely rest with the spirited delegates, accomplished dignitaries, the Department of Radiology and Radio-diagnosis, the ever supportive pillar of strength, our beloved chairman and the respected Executive Director, without whom this conference would not be possible. We express our sincerest gratitude to all those that have been a part of this State-level venture.

35th Annual Conference of KSCASI

Department of Surgery, RRMCH attended a conference at Belgavi.

35th Annual Conference of Karnataka State Chapter of the Association of Surgeons of India.

1. Heartiest congratulations to Dr. Durganna T, Professor, Department of General Surgery who has been elected as Chairman, Karnataka State Chapter of Association of Surgeons of India for the year 2017-18.

2. Heartiest congratulations to Dr. Veena.A, Department of General Surgery for winning the IInd Prize in the posters category at the Annual Conference of Karnataka State Chapter of Association of Surgeons of India for the year 2017-18 held at Belgavi .

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