Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital has organised a “FREE HEALTH CHECK-UP CAMP” by Medical Specialist Doctors.

Date : 30th July 2017

Day : Sunday

Time : 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Venue: Rotary Muttappa Attavar Memorial Hospital.

The services and consultations are given by General Medicine, Eye, Dental, Ortho, Gynaecology and Children’s Specialist.



The CPC for the month of August was held on 9th August 2017 at 2:30 PM at College Auditorium (Kadamba Hall). The following case will be discussed.

The case presentation is by the Department of General Surgery.


Topics :
1. A case of Enterocutaneous Fistula Operated. Presented by Dr. Nirmala .

2. Management of Series of “NSTI” our experience. Presented by Dr Raksha.

Saturday Clinical Update: Dept. of Community Medicine

The weekly clinical update by the department of Community Medicine will be held in college Auditorium on 19th August 2017 at 9:30 AM.

All Faculty members, PG’s and UG’s are requested to attend the same.

Topic : “Life Skills”.

Speaker : Dr.Hrushikesh Udupa .

Dr. Aishwarya. S.

Saturday Clinical Updates Dept. of General Medicine

The weekly clinical update by the department of General Medicine was held in college Auditorium on 16th September 2017 at 9:30 AM. All Faculty members, PG’s and UG’s are requested to attend the same.


Speaker : Dr. Mohan K Rao- Endocrinologist.


The Department of ENT, Head & Neck Surgery had organised a CME/Guest Lecture on

Date : 22.09.2017
Time : 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
Venue : Kadamba Hall (College Auditorium)
Speaker : Ishiki Foundation, Japan; Dr. Josheph Thomas, USA; Paul Caste-llanos, USA; David Lau Singapore, Shinya Hiroshiba.

The world Laryngology summit 2017 was structured under the aegis of Rajarajeshwari medical college and hospital, Haldipur ENT group, Rudrappa ENT hospital and NEAT, Bangalore.
The three day academic review was aimed at providing a diverse yet detailed demonstration of topics in laryngology.

On the first day, the RRMCH with the international and national delegates was proud to inaugurate the summit with the back drop of ceremonial drums.

On the dais we had our faculties from RRMCH, Dean Dr Sathyamurthy,, Medical superintendent Dr Govindaraju, our CEO ,Head of ENT-HNS and Elected President of All India Laryngology Association Dr .T.M.Nagaraj, Principal Dr Naveen, the LVA President Dr Sachin Gandhi ,AOI President Dr Deepak Haldipur

Dr.Maschino Tanabe, Dr.Tateya & Dr.Shinya Hiroshiba from the Ishiki voice foundation were few among the esteemed international faculty, who inaugurated our Stroboscope.

Demonstrations on fresh cadaveric human larynx, first of its kind in this region included topics like laryngeal frame work SX, reconstruction/laryngoplasty, video presentation on medialization thyroplasty, live demonstration on stroboscopy, demonstration of clinical cases for interpretation on disordered voice by Dr.Sachin Gandhi, Dr.Krishnamurthy, Dr.James Thomas & Dr.Ravikumar, to name a few.

Live demonstration of Botox injection by Dr.Dev Roy, Dr.Dinesh, Dr.David proved an intresting highlight.

Live demo of FEES by Dr.David & Dr.Niranjan Bhowmik, radiological assessment sessions by Dr.Vishal & Dr.Shivkumar gave a crystal clear insight.

Hands on dissection encompassesd topics such as thyroplasty, injection laryngoplasty, laryngo-tarcho-plasty, bronchoscopy.

The 1st day included an active interactive sessions with the esteemed faculty throughout the sessions, followed by the annual AOI meet.

DR.Deepak V Haldipur, national AOI president delivered an inspiring talk.

Also conspicuous was the inauguration of the “voice clinic” at the Rajarajeshwari hospital which will prove to b a promising endeavor in the near future.

The chairpersons and speakers were felicitated with souvenirs and certificates.

The DAY2 of the summit held at NIMHANS commenced with the instructional course on microlaryngeal surgery, lasers in larynx, treatment approaches in spasmodic dysphonia, thyro arytenoid myomectomy by CO2 laser, etc.

The video presentations highlighted important procedure, Oswald & Apte orations symposia on unilateral vocal fold paralysis, recent advances, panel discussions were an educational treat.
Also we had paper presentations, group meetings and general body meetings.

DAY 3 at NIMHANS included topics on swallowing, LVA oration, neuro-laryngology, micro laryngeal surgery, laryngo tracheal stenosis, to name a few.

The day 3 conference allowed meticulous discussions, learning and sharing of experiences and recently advances, followed by an end session of cultural programmes and prize distribution.

Inaugural CME & Nutrition Exhibition.

The Department of Pediatrics has organised a Inaugural CME & Nutrition Exhibition.

Date : 08.09.2017
Time : 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Venue : Kadamba Hall (College Auditorium)
Speaker : Dr.Prasanna Kumar, Dr. Sanjay Reddy, Dr.Prema, and Dr. Sushma Ravi

ALL Teaching Staff , Non teaching Staff , Inters, PG’s, UG’s are cordially invited.

Center for Diabetes in Children was inaugurated at the pediatric OPD block of RRMCH on 8/9/17. This centre caters to all children with diabetes with a multidisciplinary approach. This centre provides free insulin, glucometer and glucometer strips on a regular basis for underprivileged children with TIDM. It gives an opportunity to monitor the compliance to medication for all children. The centre also impacts education towards management of diabetes along with nutritional advice. This is a part of the project named “Changing Diabetes in Children” which is a global initiative. The centre at RRMCH is named as Rajarajeswari’s centre for Diatbetes in Children (RCDIC) which will be coordinated by Dr. R.Prema.

The Chairman A.C. Shanmugam has not left any stone unturned in providing services to the poor and needy and this adds another feather to his cap. Similarly last year Human Milk Bank, the first of its kind in Karnataka was opened to cater the needs of neonates till the mothers can recover enough milk.

To commemorate the opening of this centre, Department of Pediatrics, RRMCH, has organized a CME on changing diabetes in children helping all doctors understand the detailed and latest management of such children. Also an elaborate nutritional exhibition which throws much light and knowledge on nutritional aspects of TIDM including carbohydrate counts and glycemic index which is apt for today’s modern children’s lifestyle was displayed. This impacted practical knowledge of eating the right food. During CME our chairman Sri A.C. Shanmugham has promised to provide infrastructure and investigations including treatment for underprivileged children with Type 1 diabetes in pediatric ward.

The program was huge success with more than 200 doctors attending and the awareness of nutrition imbibed by them.

Dr. Adarsh E
Prof and HOD
Department of Pediatrics RRMCH


The Department of Ophthalmology has organised a Awareness Program on…..

Date : 30.08.2017
Time : 02:30 pm to 03:30 pm
Venue : Kadamba Hall (College Auditorium)
Speaker : Dr. Shivakumar. M., Professor and Dr. Garima. (PG)

Awareness programme on the occasion of 32nd Eye donation Fortnight

Eye donation fortnight awareness programme was conducted on 30th August 2017, between 2.30pm to 3.30pm at Kadamba Hall, RRMC&H with the theme of “A Gift of Sight”. Dr. M. Shivakumar, Professor of Ophthalmology gave the introductory remark by explaining about Eye donation and the aims and objectives of Eye donation. He explained the theme for 2017 Eye donation fortnight “A Gift of Sight”. We began the day with a talk on eye Donation by Dr. Garima Bali JR. This was followed by the distribution of Eye donation forms to encourage for eye donation registration at our Rajarajeswari Eye bank. It was concluded with vote of thanks and high tea.

Worlds Breast Feeding Week

RRMCH, Department of Pediatrics celebrated the “Worlds Breast Feeding Week” from 1st Aug 2017 to 7th Aug 2017.

World breast feeding week 2017 has been observed in department, under the guidance of Dr. Adarsh, Prof and HOD, Department of pediatrics RRMCH. We also celebrated one year anniversary of our Human Milk Bank.

1st August 2017 we had inauguration of world breastfeeding week in pediatric OPD at 11am. Started with lighting of the lamp from Dr. Govindaraju, Medical Superintendent, Dr. Adarsh, prof and HOD of pediatrics, Dr. R.Prema, Professor of Pediatrics, Dr. Shashikala, Prof and HOD of community medicine, Dr. Nagarathanna ,Prof and HOD of OBG, RRMCH.

02nd August 2017, we went to the community camp in rural health training centre in Chunchunkuppe. We organized programme for the breastfeeding mother in our community health centre. We shared the thoughts with mothers regarding breastfeeding and importance of it, Dr. Sahana Associate Professor and Dr. Yashitha Junior Resident, narrated about the theme “A Sustaining breastfeeding together” to the mothers.

03rd of august 2017 we conducted the quiz competition regarding the breast feeding for postgraduates of pediatrics, OBG,P&SM and medical students of our college, there was tough competition between all 5teams, and the winners were Dr. Vidhi and Dr. Apoorva from department of pediatrics.

4th August 2017, we had collage competition regarding the breastfeeding for medical students and nursing students, Out of 5 teams participated in the competition nursing students were emerged as winner.

5th August 2017, we oriented the mothers in PNC regarding the importance of Breastfeeding. We also narrated about the theme “A Sustaining breastfeeding together” to the mothers. Our breastfeeding counselor S/n Thayimudamma demonstrated the techniques of breast feeding and had interaction session.

7th August 2017 the breastfeeding awareness skit was presented by 3 groups from community medicine, 7th term medical Students and Nursing Students participated.
We conclude the programme, World breastfeeding week 2017 with great success.

We celebrated ORS day on 29 July 2017, programme was conducted in our OPD and pediatric wards to highlight the importance of Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) and its significance in the treatment of dehydration.

Excessive loss of fluids and electrolytes in the body causes dehydration. Conditions like vomiting, diarrhea, and diseases which cause diarrhea such as bacterial or viral infection, cholera, food poisoning, unhygienic feeding practices can increase the chances of dehydration. 

Dr. Adarsh, Prof and HOD had inaugurated the programme. We created the awareness programme in parents and distributed the ORS to the children.

This programme helped the parents to know more about dehydration difficulties and how to prevent the problem.

We gave a demo on How to make the ORS drink which is available in powder form?

1.Put the contents of the ORS packet in a clean container. Check the packet for directions and add the amount of clean water as indicated. Too little water could make the diarrhea worse.

2.Add water only. Do not add ORS to milk, soup, fruit juice or any soft drinks. Do not add sugar.

3.Stir well, and feed it to the child from a clean cup. Do not use a bottle.


 ORS Day is celebrated every year on 29th July to highlight the importance of Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) as a cost-effective method of health intervention. Acute diarrhoeal diseases are one of the leading causes of mortality in infants and young children in many developing countries. According to WHO, Diarrhoeal disease is the second leading cause of death in children under five years old. Diarrhoea, which is frequently caused by poor sanitation and hygiene, can have serious, even deadly results, typically as a result of diarrhoea-related dehydration. It particularly affects infants, children and old people. Diarrhoea generally lasts for several days, and leaves the body without water and salts that are necessary for survival. Most people who die from diarrhoea actually die from severe dehydration and fluid loss from the body.

Dehydration from diarrhoea can be prevented by giving extra fluids at home, or it can be treated simply and effectively by giving adequate glucose-electrolyte solution called Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) solution. ORS Jodi (ORS and Zinc) has proven to be successful in the prevention and management of acute diarrhoea and dehydration. Oral rehydration salts contain a variety of salts (electrolytes) and sugar. The combination of electrolytes and sugar stimulates water and electrolyte absorption from the gut. It therefore prevents or reverses dehydration and replaces lost salts in conditions such as diarrhoea and vomiting.ORS is available in the market in a powder form in sachets/ readymade solutions or one can also easily make it at home as well.

All we need to know:
How to make the ORS drink which is available in powder form?

4.Put the contents of the ORS packet in a clean container. Check the packet for directions and add the amount of clean water as indicated. Too little water could make the diarrhea worse.

5.Add water only. Do not add ORS to milk, soup, fruit juice or any soft drinks. Do not add sugar.

6.Stir well, and feed it to the child from a clean cup. Do not use a bottle.

World Breastfeeding Week is an annual celebration which is being held every year from 1to 7 August in many countries all over the world and since past three years ADK Hospital has continued the celebration of this week. World Breastfeeding week is celebrated with the goal to promote exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life which gives tremendous benefits to baby as well as to the mother.

The World Health Organization (WHO), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life and then supplemented breastfeeding up to two years or more.

Theme for World Breastfeeding Week 2016 is “A Key to Sustainable Development”, which is focusing on the importance of breastfeeding and promote breastfeeding as key element in getting us to think about how to value our wellbeing from the start of life, how to respect each other and care for the world we share.

Below are the activities initiated by nurses in ADK Hospital for celebrating world breastfeeding week 2016.

  • Breastfeeding refresher workshop for nurses- 1st – 2nd August
  • Visit postnatal inpatients for breastfeeding counseling – 1st – 7th August
  • Display posters & breastfeeding week theme at Information Counter- 1st – 7th August
  • Inauguration of breastfeeding booklet & leaflet – 2nd August
  • Visit postnatal mothers who are planned to get discharged from hospital to give breastfeeding counseling – 3rd August
  • Breastfeeding quiz between inter-nursing units – 4th August
  • Session on breastfeeding for antenatal, postnatal mothers & for ADK staff – 6th August
  • Breastfeeding committee launching – 7th August

World Breastfeeding week: 2017 – Report

World Breast feeding Week was observed with great fervor in Rajarajeswari Medical College & Hospital. The event was conducted by the Dept of Community Medicine at RHTC Chunchunkuppe, on 2nd August 2017 & at UHTC Channasandra on 10th August 2017

The Program began with welcome address by Dr Shashikala Manjunatha. Dr Aishwarya. S PG, Dept of Community Medicine.
Students of 6th term MBBS performed a skit on importance, misconceptions and awareness program regarding expressed milk for working mother.

Dr Sharvya , Dr Monica & Dr Anuradha , PGs , Dept of Community Medicine gave talk on benefits and technique of breast feeding .The session was comprehensive and interactive drawing considerable questions and clarifications from the audience

This was followed by specialist consultation of the kids by Dr.Sahana & Dr.Yashitha of Dept of Pediatrics, RRMCH

Tea/coffee, snacks was provided & fruit bowl was distributed to mothers.

Faculty, Post graduates, juniors and seniors residents from both departments actively participated in the program

Saturday Clinical Update : Dept. of Pediatrics

The weekly clinical update by the department of Pediatrics will be held in college Auditorium on 4th November 2017 at 9:30 AM. All Faculty members, PG’s and UG’s are requested to attend the same.


Speaker : Dr. Vidhi.

Guide : Dr. Alok Kumar.