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Donate Blood

RajaRajeswari Medical College & Hospital Blood Bank in Bangalore run by Moogambigai Charitable trust was established in October 2004, bearing license No: KTK 28C/173/2004. Started off with whole Blood service & license and was renewed in 2011.Processing of Blood Components commenced in Dec 2011.

All activities related to the transfusion of Blood / Blood components is in accordance to the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1945 issued by Government of India, NACO guide lines. Blood Bank has an area as per Drug Controller requirement.

The Blood Bank is responsible for creating awareness amongst the patients as well as the common public by organizing various blood camps in and around the campus on various occasions.

Facilities available in our Blood Bank
Blood Bank provides following Blood & Blood Components

  • 1. Whole Blood
  • 2. Packed red blood cells
  • 3. Platelet Concentration
  • 4. Fresh frozen plasma
  • 5. Cryoprecipitate

Tests done in our Blood Bank

  • • ll units are checked for blood groping and Rh typing (As a routine test is done by slide method) By cell grouping and serum grouping by tube method before cross matching.

  • • All Rh negative samples are confirmed by Du test and when Du test is negative labeled as Rh negative and when Du positive labeled as Rh positive.

  • •All blood units are tested for atypical antibodies using pooled ‘O’ cells.

  • •Screening test for TTD like HIV I&II, HBsAg and HCV done by ELISA method. Malaria and syphilis are tested by Rapid method and the results are entered in the screening register.

  • •The units that are tested positive are autoclaved and disposed off as per biomedical waste management protocol.

  • •All Biomedical wastes are discarded as per biomedical waste management.

The important equipments & instruments that are available in our Blood Bank are:

  • • Blood Collection Monitor
  • • Separate Blood storage cabinets for tested & untested blood
  • • Platelet incubator & agitator
  • • Calibrated refrigerated centrifuge
  • • Deep freezer – 40 C & – 80 C
  • • Plasma expressor
  • • Thawing Bath
  • • Elisa reader & Elisa Washer

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